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>A New (Pickle Day)-Nov 13, 2011

Time’s they are a changin’…this year’s annual LES International Pickle Festival is a whole new dilly. Last year’s 10th year of the festival was the last one to be organized by the amazing Nancy Ralph of the New York Food Museum. She started the festival on Orchard street and every year lovingly watched it grow. I had the pleasure of working with Nancy one year and will never forget any of my experiences at past pickle fests!

The reigns were passed earlier this fall to the organizers of the popular New Amsterdam Market under the Brooklyn Bridge near the South Street Seaport who have renamed the festival the Peck Slip Pickle Festival.

I won’t be able to make it this year but you can bet I’ll be sitting here with FOMO so I can’t wait to hear all about it. Also, according to the NY Food Museum website, there’s a yet to be announced pickle fest in the spring on the Lower East Side! I will not suffer FOMO for that one!

Oh and if YOU are suffering from FOMO as well, be sure to check back with my friend Jennifer from The Pickle Club TV, she always covers the fest and does an amazing job!

PS-dear Peck Slip Pickle Festival promoters….that image of a horde of shopping pickles is super CREEPY!

>10th Annual International Pickle Day!!!

>The best day of the year is near upon us. Sunday, October 17th is the 10th Annual International Pickle Day held on the Lower East Side of New York from 11:00 am until 4:30 pm. It is the biggest and best celebration of pickles and preservation all year!

But this year I probably won’t be there. Moving to New Orleans has proven to be a slight distraction, albeit a LOVELY one, so I’m equally saddened to miss it and thrilled to be in New Orleans. The fact that this 10 year anniversary of the pickle festival is on my BIRTHDAY makes it even harder to not be there. Sigh……..

So in lieu of attending, I’m going to re-visit my Pickle Days of yore.

Are you tearing up like I am? I need a hug.