>I Heart Pickles and You Do Too

>Ok, well Pickle Freak is over 4 years old now so let’s celebrate and let our pickle freak flags fly! If Lance Armstrong were a pickle freak (he’s not, I’ve met him) he would wear one of THESE instead of a “live strong” band but he’s not so here’s a version for “my people” that is green and says “I Heart Pickles” on it. I have 3 to give away courtesy of the crazy pickle folk over at www.pickleaddicts.com

To get one, just visit their facebook page and leave a comment about anything pickle related but let them know Pickle Freak sent ya. I’ll pick 3 winners and I’ll send you a band quicker than Lance can peel a cycling shirt off. Once you’ve done that, have you SEEN all the crazy pickle stuff they have on their website? Jesus. I am DYING for one of the pickle scented candles (out of stock!)and I’m also really curious to try the Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix (and pickles too-they have been on my to order and try list all year!). I’m also excited that they carry the mysterious and powerful Original Beer Pickle made by my friend and pickle-kinfolk, Harold. I encourage anyone considering a pickle tattoo to be inspired by the label on that jar. I am a very proud owner and eater of almost everything on this site! But there ARE a few things I don’t have, so when you’re shopping for my 4 year anniversary gift, here’s a nice list to get you started: Pickle earrings Pickle coin pursePickle soapsPickle gumballs…yes, the thought of these actually make my mouth water and of course, I LOVE the pickle stationary If there is a pickle freak in your life deserving of a gift, I highly suggest you start your search for him or her at www.pickleaddicts.com or just email me for pickle suggestions based on their preferences-I’ve always got a ton of suggestions!

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