>Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles-January's Pickle of the Month!


Please, please, please let me introduce you to the pickles that have me running straight to the fridge as soon as I get home. Ladies and gentleman, meet the lovely lady Lynnae of Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles!

These pickles are made in Tacoma, WA by Lynnae herself based on her grandmother’s recipe. She started out much like all of you other picklers out there, making them for friends and family and one day found she couldn’t keep up with the demand AND her day job, so she took some time off and the next thing you know, she’s a full time pickler. Her sister-in-law and another friend have joined in her venture and are the 3 women behind this delicious company. I’m really excited to have these ladies join in on the pickling fun along with my pals over at Miss Jenny’s Pickles! We need more women in pickles!

I think their move to the pickle business was a wise one because I cannot get enough of these pickles. They are definitely unique in that they combine my favorite new sweet flavor with a spear form-YES-these are the first sweet pickles I’ve ever had that weren’t cut into slices. I also really love their balance of sweet and heat and GARLIC!

Look at this picture above-that’s the first jar I opened and the garlic was nice and spicy and lingered with every bite….yummmm….let’s hope they make a pickled garlic soon!

These pickles come in 2 varieties, the Mrs. Pickles which are the original family recipe and the Hot Mama Pickles which have a few added jalapenos for extra heat. I couldn’t detect too much difference in the heat levels but my tongue may be immune since I eat so much spicy stuff, so if you’re nervous, stick with the original but either way you will be pleased with the delicious punch of flavor these pickles pack!

If you’re pickle palate is craving something a little different-try these please!

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