>A Brief History of My Sweet Pickle Tooth

As a young child I remember sticking a fork into an unlabeled homemade jar of sweet pickles in the fridge and being totally disgusted by the sweet taste. It was probably more a fault of the surprise than the actual pickles but I was turned OFF for a long time but I’m pleased to testify my sweet pickle tooth has been born again. Hallelujah!

The infancy of my sweet tooth goes back about 7 years ago when I encountered a strange van in Meridian, MS in a hotel parking lot. I was living in Brooklyn but was home for a wedding and had my picture taken, holding a can of beer of course, next to the company logo on the van. It said “Mickles Pickles: The Second Best Pickle In the World”. A few weeks later after some googling, a jar from Picayune, MS was delivered to me in the mail and about an hour later that jar was gone. I’ve since nurtured my tooth lovingly along the way, and Mickles were the perfect intro. They are sliced super thin and have a crispy crunch and a peppery bite, all of which is balanced beautifully. Yes indeed these are not pickles for sharing. Grab a jar,a fork,hide and kiss them goodbye, just as the label advises.

My next phase was satisfied by Wickles Pickles which are cut in thicker slices making them easy to chop and great for adding to dishes like potato salad and such, but as you know already, I hardly experience a pickle other than straight from jar to mouth. They chunky slices are sweeter AND spicier than Mickles but I was now prepared for the sugary kick.

And then came along Harold’s Sissy Sweet Pickles which are the roughest, rowdiest sweet pickles out there. The slices are big chunks and the heat is SERIOUS. Probably the hottest store bought pickle labled “sweet” you’ll ever come across. It was after these pickles that I realized, Oh, I like sweet pickles! I really like sweet pickles!

AND THEN I got 2 jars of Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles and they have been deemed my January Pickles of the Month, and oh yeah, they are SWEET!

Stay tuned for my post on these awesome pickles that have my pickle sweet tooth smiling!

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