>Freak Pickles: Four Loko Pickles

>I’ve always been a freak magnet and for the most part I still speak to most of them (ahhh-hahahaha) but this time I’m afraid I’m the freak that is drawn to the magnet. I’ve introduced you to him before when he made Sriracha Hot Sauce pickles but perhaps your memory needs some liquor and caffeine and these links to Mr. Dave’s latest pickle project: FOUR LOKO PICKLES!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So see, he’s just begging for my attention with his freakish ways…and he’s got it. I can’t wait to read how these turn out and how many he eats and how soon he regrets it and how many he’s going to send me and how soon he blocks me from his mailing list!

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