>Beach Pickles


I enjoy pickles.

I also enjoy the beach.

Luckily this summer I received a huge box of portable pickle snacks from Van Holten’s-the pickle in a pouch people! I’ve had a love affair with these enormous pickle snacks since childhood, so I was undoubtedly thrilled to receive a giant box from the company that included one of every variety they offer and once the box of pickles arrived I always had a couple of chilled ones ready to be trhown into my bag whenever I left the house.

I obviously ate my old favorite variety first-the “Hot Mama”, but when I tried the newest variety, the Sweet and Tangy Pickle I discovered a new favorite. I’ve just completed one leg of a loooonnnng road trip from New York to MS and I kept my eyes peeled for this new variety but never saw it….maybe I didn’t look too hard since I had my own pickles from Van Holten’s packed for the car ride already!

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