>Polish Goldmine


I cannot resist a grocery store. I will wander the aisles of any grocery store anywhere and the further away it is from being a Wal-Mart or C-Town, the better, but still, I can kill some time in a Wal-Mart (hell, it’s practically a family tradition). It’s rare that I’m actually looking for something specific, it’s more that I’m excited that I will possibly find something weird that I can take home and display on a shelf or EAT and it will cost me no more than $4.99. That is strong bait for a Southerner…

So check out the Polish Pickle Gold Mine I wandered upon in Williamsburg at Topps Grocery store on North 6th street, just off of Bedford. 2 whole shelves full of not just “exotic” products, but PICKLES and oh yes, all for under 5 bucks!

First there was the sign:

I love that they have the Claussen Pickles hidden away in a dusty corner somewhere…

And then there was a huge basket filled with these:

Who doesn’t need a bag o’ pickles? I need a belt that I could use to strap these around my waist like a fanny pack.

There were several varieties by the Lowell Brand: pickles with hot peppers, with sweet peppers or just “cucumbers in brine”. I struggled with a decision for at least 10 minutes, but I ended up taking home a jar of the ones with hot peppers (of course). I’ll save the bag o’ cucumbers in brine for a gift if I’m ever invited to anything, ever again. There were also a few other varieties, like the simple Krakus Brand “Polish Dill Pickles” and some labeled “Pickled Dill Gherkins”.

I opened my jar as soon as I got “home” (I was house-sitting in Bushwick) and I wasn’t thrilled with the results… a little soft and barely spicy. Still, better than most common grocery store items and very similar to the German Gundelsheim pickles I use as my “everyday pickles” but I’m not done with my Polish exploration though, oh no. I think I’ll go back to basics and try the simplest ones and then work my way through the spices. Because it’s only a matter of time before I’m back in there wandering the aisles anyway.

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