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Yesterday I opened a package containing the loveliest jar of pickles I’ve ever seen. The jar is short, wide and round…rotund would you say? And its mouth and lid nice and wide, a perfect pickle jar for reaching down into…and then there’s the label with its black and white portrait of a stern couple and above in beautiful script, “My Grandparent’s Pickles”. I was thrilled with the jar and its beautiful label, just delighted, so you can imagine how eager I was to OPEN it.

I left the jar in the fridge over night and actually woke up early (can you believe it?) before getting ready for work to open them up and try one. The jar is packed with big cloves of garlic, red peppers and lots of fresh dill which I noticed because I spun it around a few times just admiring it. Then I laid it on its side as I had been instructed and let the vacuum escape. Once it was opened I again admired the girth of the mouth of the jar… I wonder if I could stick my whole face down in there? Then I smelled the dill and reached down and grabbed one and took a bite.

These pickles taste EXACTLY like what they are called-My Grandparents Pickles- or more specifically my grandmother’s pickles. Who doesn’t think that the best pickles in the world are the the ones their grandmother made? If you didn’t grow up with your Mammy makin’ pickles like I did then you need to seek out THESE. It may not be very easy as I found these pickles on their website HotRodPickles.com and sent them an email asking how I could get some. The owner, John Perea, emailed me back and broke the news to me that they aren’t set up for retail sales, only wholesale. But the GOOD NEWS for you West Coast freaks is that these pickles and their award winning jalapenos have been picked up by 25 Whole Foods stores out west. John was kind enough to send me a jar of pickles and 2 jars of the jalapenos, which won best Pickled Product at last years Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, NM but once these are gone, I’m either going to have move West or start campaigning for Whole Foods to also carry them on the East Coast.

John will be at this year’s Fiery Foods Show in NM next week and so I want to thank him for taking time out of his crazy busy pickle makin’ schedule for me and wish him the best of luck at the show!

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